Staff at K2 Crawley trained in teen fitness

K2 Crawley SUS-140408-141614001
K2 Crawley SUS-140408-141614001

Staff at Crawley’s K2 leisure centre have undergone training to qualify them to offer fitness classes and gym sessions to teenagers.

Freedom Leisure – which operates K2 on behalf of Crawley Borough Council – trained its staff in the physical and psychological aspects of teen fitness in December to enable them to work with children aged 12+.

Centre manager Nyssa Jackson said: “Overweight and inactive teenagers remain a cause for concern within our society with around 15 per cent of school leavers being classified as obese.

“There are several reasons for this but ‘non sporty’ kids disengaging from team games and physical activity as they progress through senior school is a major factor, especially among teenage girls.”

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