Tesco launch investigation after delivery driver posts a rude note through mum's letterbox

Supermarket giant Tesco has launched an investigation after one of its delivery drivers posted a rude note through the letterbox of a mother-of-three.

Thursday, 25th February 2016, 12:44 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th February 2016, 12:49 pm
The note posted through the door of mum Beth Lloyd by a Tesco delivery driver SUS-160224-105125001

Beth Lloyd, who lives near Pulborough, was left angry and upset after the driver put a note addressed to ‘Mr and Mrs I Can’t Be Arsed To Go To The Shop’ through her door.

But Beth, who suffers from Crohn’s disease, was left even more upset when she later found herself caught up in a media storm over the issue.

The storm grew after she vented her anger over the note on Facebook, but she said later it had been blown up out of all proportion.

“It all just snowballed,” she said.

She explained that there had been a mix-up over the delivery time of her shopping and she had not realised at first when the driver arrived at her door.

The driver put the note through the letterbox as her husband went to investigate.

Beth, 37, said: “It was upsetting at the time and I complained to Tesco.” But, she said, she had no ill-feelings about it and would continue shopping at Tesco’s.

“Tesco have been nothing but amazing,” she added. “They have shown nothing but politeness and kindness.

“They have apologised and are investigating and have given me lots of reassurances.

“That’s all I could ever ask for. I am very happy with just the fact that they listened.”

She said that she bore no ill-will to the delivery driver who left the note.

“I wish the driver well,” she said. “I hope he was just having a bad day. No-one knows what else is going on with people, behind closed doors.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “All of our customer delivery assistants undergo a comprehensive training programme to ensure they provide great service on the doorstep so we were concerned to hear about this complaint.

“We are urgently investigating and will update Ms Lloyd with our findings.”

Meanwhile, Beth explained that she had been feeling unwell on the day of the delivery and had felt compelled to contact Tesco to let them know what had happened after their driver left the note.

“ His actions were unprofessional, and contradicted the usual high standard of customer care Tesco drivers normally provide,” she said.

“Tesco,in our experience, have the friendliest delivery staff, kind, considerate, and in good spirits - even whilst delivering on cold nights, in pouring rain, or freezing cold mornings.”

She said she originally put her complaint on Facebook to express her shock and upset just with her friends.

“I then allowed the incident to be shared with Tesco, as I was struggling to get through to a customer service manager, using the number that had been provided.

“My intention was that the complaint on Facebook would be seen by a member of Tesco customer service, and they would assist me.

“This was exactly what did happen, and very quickly I was put in contact with the appropriate department.

“Since then, every single Tesco staff member has been friendly, empathetic, apologetic and they have reassured me the matter has been taken seriously.

“Tesco have kept in regular contact ever since, and are an excellent example of how a company should assist and communicate with customers.”