These are the candidates standing to be Horsham’s MP at the 2019 General Election

These are the 5 candidates standing to be Horsham’s next MP in the General Election.

Thursday, 28th November 2019, 8:00 am

Each was invited to submit 250 words about themselves and their policies. Here’s what they had to say.

Jim Duggan - Peace Party

“I will be inviting constituents to vote for the Peace Party so that the government will always peacefully resolve conflict between nations without violence and without the use of any weapons (and certainly not nuclear ones).

Top row, left to right, Jeremy Quin, Catherine Ross, Michael Jones. Bottomr row Louise Potter, Jim Duggan.

“A Peace Party government would work to disband the military, strengthen relations with the European Union and support the United Nations with enthusiasm, address urgently the Climate Emergency, following the lead of Extinction Rebellion, by reducing the country’s CO2 emissions to zero by 2025, nurture wellbeing within our nation: making sure everyone has a home of their own, has freedom to choose work to suit them or guaranteed, secure, well-paid employment, can rely on a fully-funded National Health Service, pays a fair tax, feels safe with fully-funded police, prison and emergency services, has access to free bus services – everywhere, fully funded youth services and solve the homeless issue

“The peace party owes it’s origin to revulsion and reaction against the futility, insanity, waste, inhumanity and horrors of the institution of war.

“People who have a burning desire to see the world at peace really care for others. And that care comes from the value system where people have a deep reverence for life and where they uphold the supreme worth of every person.

“That compassion applies across the whole spectrum of human life including the recognition of the needs of others just as much as their own: peaceful cooperation, universal empowerment, appropriate health care, justice for all, freedom to learn and study, meaningful work and assured income, quality food and water, leisure time and recreation.

“The Peace Party is a secular political group, welcoming people of all religions an of none.”

Michael Jones - Labour Party

“I am proud to be Labour’s candidate in Horsham constituency. As a county councillor, campaigning on the issues that matter across West Sussex, I have seen first-hand the damage the Tory Government’s savage cutbacks have inflicted on so many of our front line services.

“I have led on important issues such as calling on the county council to declare a climate emergency, protesting against the cuts to the homeless support budgets and speaking out against the Tory Government’s continuing failure to provide proper funding for our schools.

“Horsham has built many houses recently, but most far too expensive for people on the average wage to afford. Labour will nationally build 100,000 council homes and 50,000 social homes every year for five years, to high environmental standards. We must provide enough affordable homes for people locally and that just isn’t happening under the Tories.

“I’m excited about Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution that will create good green jobs in new technology and stimulate the economy, and massively reducing carbon emissions.

“I have long fought for a properly funded NHS, GP waiting times in Horsham and Mid Sussex are some of the worst in the country.

“I also support our railways being returned to public ownership, putting passengers before profits and inflation busting fare increases.

“At the last General Election, Labour was the nearest challenger to the Tories by a considerable margin. Send the Tories a message. A vote for Labour tells them that you won’t accept the continued degradation of our public services.”

Louise Potter - Liberal Democrats

“I’m delighted to be standing to be the Liberal Democrat MP for Horsham. I grew up in Horsham and I feel very lucky to have been able to settle here with my family.

“I’m a teacher and I see first hand the devastating effects of funding cuts to all our public services and I was compelled to try and do something about it.

“I am very proud to be standing on the policies of the Lib Dems that were recently released in our manifesto:

“1. Stop Brexit and invest a £50 billion remain bonus in public services.

“2. Tackle the Climate Emergency with a £100 billion committed spend.

“3. Give every child the best start in life - starting with an immediate injection of £10 billion to reverse funding cuts

“4. Build a fairer economy - including free childcare for children from 9 months where their parents are working.

“5. Transform our mental health services - putting mental health on a par with physical health.

“In Horsham housing is a key issue. We are being asked to build more houses but they are not the affordable homes that we need and they are not bringing the infrastructure to support our community. A lack of GP services in the constituency is one of the key issues that residents report to me on the doorstep. We need councils to start building houses again and we need much greater focus on sustainability in house building.

“I am fighting this election to win it. If you want a local MP who genuinely cares about Horsham and the people who live here, please consider a vote for the Lib Dems.”

Jeremy Quin - Conservative

“Whether formerly Leave or Remain most people want the EU issue resolved. Businesses want to invest, people need certainty.

“A decision was taken three years ago by the British people. I promised to respect that decision and have been good to my word. I will continue to support the Prime Minister’s agreed deal, allowing us to move forward and seize future opportunities.

“Horsham is home and it is a privilege to be part of our community which I do my utmost to serve. I greatly enjoy helping individual residents and campaigning on local issues including for additional school places and fairer funding; on our railway services and on Gatwick.

“Since 2010 Conservative-led Governments have delivered economic growth, increased employment and turned-around our national finances. This sustainably supports further investment in our valued public services: increased numbers of police officers, improving school funding and record long-term investment in the NHS. I am determined that Horsham secures the investment it needs, especially as we build the homes for a new generation.

“In this election the country faces a stark choice. But I am very optimistic that a Conservative majority Government will take us forward: we can resolve Brexit, releasing investment to drive economic growth. This will support additional focussed investment in our public services and we can build on our success to date in increasing our renewables and green economy to build on our leading role in addressing climate change, achieving early our legally binding target of carbon neutrality by 2050.”

Catherine Ross - Green Party

“As a lifelong Horsham resident and parent of two children in Horsham schools, I am invested in the future prosperity of the town, the wider constituency and all those who live here.

“To me, that means sustainable development and genuinely affordable housing with appropriate infrastructure for people living and working in and around Horsham. It means fair funding for our schools, health care and other public services. It means opposing fracking and oil exploration while investing in renewable energy and it means committing to better, more transparent democracy.

“Like the majority of people in Horsham, I voted to remain in the EU and believe a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal is the only way to resolve the deadlock. In the event of another vote, I would campaign to remain in the EU because I believe unity, equality and freedom are privileges we shouldn’t be prepared to sacrifice.

“When it comes to addressing the climate crisis, we need to take bold action now. The traditional parties aren’t prepared to go far enough. We need to demand action to make the UK carbon free by 2030 if we are to have any hope of preventing the most serious impacts of the climate changing. As your elected MP, I would work to secure that action across the country and help us take our place as world leaders on this most pressing issue.

“Campaigning in the Tory heartlands often feels like an uphill battle, but the more we speak to people, the more we realise how many are ready for change. I represent that change.”