Town centre building branded an ‘eyesore’

Antix, Horsham  Photo: N C Friswell
Antix, Horsham Photo: N C Friswell

A call for action has gone out over a former antique shop in Horsham town centre branded an ‘eyesore’.

Members of the conservation group The Horsham Society say that the former Antix shop in Queen Street has ‘deteriorated badly’ since it closed down.

Now they are calling on Horsham District Council to force the building’s owners to spruce it up.

The society says that the shop is ‘now a blight on the the whole area.’ A spokesman said: “It must be particularly infuriating for the occupants of the adjoing properties which are well maintained.”

Horsham Council has powers under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 to serve a notice to the owners of a building which falls into disrepair to rectify problems.

If the owners fail to take action, the council can carry out the work and bill the owners for it.

Horsham Council recently used its powers to order the owners of the council’s own former offices in North Street to clean up the area around the building where foliage was overgrown and the area strewn with litter.