Crawley roadworks extended - Cheals Roundabout disruption set to go on for two more months

Delays leading up to the road works on Cheals roundabout Crawley. Pic Steve Robards 1
Delays leading up to the road works on Cheals roundabout Crawley. Pic Steve Robards 1

Roadworks which have caused disruptions and delays to Crawley motorists are set to continue - for two months longer than was originally estimated.

The work began in October 2018 and at the time drivers were told the work would be completed by ‘May/early June.’ Crest Nicholson, a housebuilding company ,is paying for the work, as part of its Kilnwood Vale housing development.

The roundabout was reponed on Saturday (June 8) but the ‘highway improvement’ works have been extended.

On Friday (June 7) a spokesperson for Crest Nicholson said: “The Cheals Roundabout will be reopened from Saturday 8th June 2019 whilst investigative works are carried out by Southern Water.

“The new left turn filter lane will remain closed while the investigative works are being carried out by the utility and will result in an extension to Crest Nicholson’s highway improvement works.

“Works are being fully funded by Crest Nicholson, in association with its nearby Kilnwood Vale development in Faygate, to deliver a new segregated left turn filter lane leading from Horsham Road to Crawley Avenue, as well as constructing a separator island and landscaped footpaths and pedestrian crossings.

“The works are expected to be completed by August 2019.

“Progress made in the area so far includes new drainage to improve overall road conditions, a new footpath on Horsham Road to ease pedestrian access and bases for the new road lanes added to the approach and exit points via Horsham.

“Crest Nicholson has put measures in place to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum and access to surrounding properties and businesses and areas will be maintained at all times.”

When the roadworks were announced our Facebook page was flooded with comments from worried road users. Tony Gilbert said: “So Bewbush & Gossops Green will become a rat run of speeding motorists.”

Kelly Farnham said: “Nothing new there ... this part of Crawley is a nightmare at rush hour anyway ... guessing it’s just about to get a lot worse still!”

Anita Rice said: “Great, as well as the Rushmore roundabout. Drive to work = nightmare.”

Nichola Carr said: “It’s so dangerous some lights work, some don’t. People don’t know when to stop.”