M23 Pease Pottage major roadworks - here’s all you need to know

Work to reduce traffic delays at the Pease Pottage junction of the M23 is taking place .

Tuesday, 1st October 2019, 12:23 pm

The aim of the project is to reduce congestion and access to the Moto service station.

Many expressed dismay at the timing of the project, which began while Cheals roundabout work was still causing disruption.

1. When will it finish?

Work is being carried out to reduce traffic delays at the Pease Pottage junction of the M23. Picture: Google Maps.

The works are scheduled to finish in early 2020.

2. Why is it being done now?

It was decided to carry out the work at this time of year to minimise delays caused by bad weather.

3. Why is the work needed?

High levels of traffic using J11 are causing delays.

Widening work aims to increase capacity.

Also, in accordance with planning permission for the Thakeham residential development on land East of Brighton Road, West Sussex County Council says the M23/Pease Pottage Junction 11 must be improved.

4. How much will it cost?

The work will cost in the region of £3.5 million. Thakeham is responsible for the cost.

5. What work needs to be done?

Increase gyratory’s capacity by widening both ends.

Reposition gyratory’s signals to accommodate its increased road width.

Upgrading Brighton Road to a dual carriageway between the exit from the gyratory and a new four-arm roundabout with access to the Moto service station and the entrance to a development of new homes on land east of Brighton Road at Handriding Farm, Pease Pottage.

Installation of a signal-controlled pedestrian crossing across Brighton Road.

Upgrade on Horsham Road bridge from current uncontrolled crossing to a signal-controlled pedestrian crossing.

6. What is the aim of the work?

Reduced congestion. Expanded capacity at J11 to accommodate the growing local community.

Improved safety for pedestrian and cycle routes on Brighton Road and Horsham Road.

Improved access to Moto’s service station.

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7. Will roads have to be closed during the works?

The M23/A23 at J11 will be closed ‘infrequently’ with diversions up and down the slip roads so traffic can avoid the bridges at J11 where the works will be carried out overnight to minimise disruption. Advance warning will be given to motorists.

8. What type of work will take place?

In preparation of road-widening, works to the side of Brighton Road, next to the gyratory and access to Moto’s service station.

Widening works to both ends of the gyratory.

Creation of a four-arm roundabout serving the Moto service station and the new residential development.

9. Can work be carried out overnight?

The M23/A23 at Junction 11 will be closed overnight occasionally.

Diversions up and down the slip roads will be put in place and advance warning will be given to minimise disruption.

10. What disruption can road users expect?

Due to the speed restrictions and traffic management, journey times will increase during the works.

It is hoped some drivers will be able to find alternative routes.

11. Will there be any diversions?

Diversions up and down the slip roads will be put in place ‘infrequently’ overnight to allow work to the bridge pillars to be carried out at a time to minimise disruption.

12. Will there be speed restrictions?

Speed restrictions will be put in place leading up to and through J11 which will slow traffic to make it safer for workers.