Vandal attack at Scout camp


A senior Scout has spoken of youngsters’ dismay after a vandal ‘mindlessly’ damaged fencing at their campsite.

An adult was filmed on CCTV pulling down a fence in Stanford Scout Camp, near Old Brighton Road, Pease Pottage, overnight on Sunday March 1.

Edward Hills, 56, Scouts District Commissioner for Crawley, said: “The person was seen on the CCTV literally kicking and smashing the fence.

“It just seemed totally mindless.”

The adult, who could not be identified, got out of a car near the site, damaged the fence and drove off at around 9.45pm.

It was the second time the campsite had been vandalised in 2015. Fencing was slashed and posts marking out a tree nursery at the 28 acre site were stolen in January.

Mr Hills, of Horley, who has supported Crawley Scouts for 35 years, said young volunteers who worked on the nursery and put up the fence were dismayed by the attacks.

He said: “Often society will blame young people [for vandalism] and yet here we are where young people are contributing to the wellbeing of the environment and we are having adults undoing their good work.”

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “A fence was damaged alongside a scout camp in Pease Pottage on Sunday, March 1.

“It is believed that the fence was pulled down by a driver whose car had got stuck in Old Brighton Road by the Stanford Scout Camp around 9.45pm.

“CCTV images show the incident, but are not clear enough for the driver or the car to be identified.

“The fence panels were screwed back into place. There was no permanent damage.”

Vandals damaged Scouts’ CCTV cameras and street lighting in Hurst Close, Gossops Green, on Sunday (March 15).