VIDEO: Crawley Debate - the future of Gatwick Airport

The future of Gatwick Airport was discussed at the Crawley Debate on Wednesday night (February 6).

Jeremy Taylor, chief executive of Gatwick Diamond Business, was joined by Peter Barclay, of the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign, at the Civic Hall, and they gave their opinions on what they hoped the future would hold.

Residents questioned them on the possibility of expansion at the airport as well as the economic and environmental consequences.

Speaking about the 2003 Masterplan, which looked at the effects on the airport and surrounding area should a Wide Parallel Runway be built, Mr Taylor said: “There’s no question there would be some land grab. There would be the loss of some employment land as well as housing. And that’s a very serious issue.”

See next week’s Observer for a full report about the debate.

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