VIDEO: Primary school holds all-day Sport Relief Aerobathon

Youngsters took part in an all-day Aerobathon to raise money for Sport Relief at school.

Some 450 Hilltop Primary School pupils took part in an aerobics session and used stationary bikes to make smoothies today (Friday March 21).

Hilltop pupils after Aerobathon

Hilltop pupils after Aerobathon

Emma Thraves, one of the teachers who organised the event, said: “It’s all new this year.

“We wanted to get the children into lots of different activities and get them eating healthily and to mix in that sport isn’t just playing football or netball.”

The youngsters were asked to come dressed as their favourite sportspeople and bring in £1.50 to school to give to Sport Relief.

Chenai Mushore, 10, said: “The smoothie tasted delicious and healthy and I could taste the bits of banana.”

Mits Kannan, 10, said: “I didn’t find it delicious, I found it mouth-watering.

“It made me feel really energetic, I could taste orange juice.”

The pair had studied adjectives that day.

Speaking about giving to charity, Chenai added: “I wished I could help so I donate some money so they could hopefully have a nice school and some good food.”

Amanda Hunt, a professional aerobics instructor who led the Aerobathon, said:

“They are having great fun.”

The Crawley Wellbeing team at K2 leisure lent the school the stationary bikes for the smoothie challenge.