Video: Thank you for the music, Brenda!

Carol Vincent has become a well-known face around town as she captures Crawley life on her trusty camcorder.

Here she talks about her visit to Goffs Park for a musical celebration.



During the past fortnight, I have stayed within the town’s boundaries (due to me sticking my unwilling foot down a rabbit hole during a merry works outing and twisting my ankle).

So, on Sunday 20th July, I hobbled my way over to Goffs Park, in Southgate, to watch Brenda Michael and John Noyce perform in concert on the top lawn in front of Goffs House at the request of ‘The Friends Of Goffs Park’ for the park’s 60th anniversary.

Chairs and refreshments were provided, and we all settled down to watch the show.

For the next hour and a half (or thereabouts) we were all magically transported back to a time when tea dances and jazz clubs ruled.

Brenda’s voice is still clear and strong and her wonderful performance of such delights as ‘I’m Putting All My Eggs In One Basket’, ‘Rock-A-Bye Your Baby with A Dixie Melody’, and ‘Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home’ among many others, gave me chills.

A former Barber Shop singer, John Noyce has a deep tone to his voice that washes over you like a lullaby and we all joined in with his ‘Anything Goes’ and ‘Danny Boy’ and more.

“Would you like to get up and dance?” Brenda asked us.

An elderly lady next to me replied wryly “Oh Yeah, I’d like to ….”

Some of you may remember Brenda as Brenda Morgan.

During the late 50s and upwards she sang with many great bands including the New City Jazzmen, Acker Bilk, Bonny Manzi’s Jazz Club at the Railway Hotel and the wonderful Chris Barber. The list is endless.

She also performed in the bandstand in Queens Square many times.

“Well, you can’t say it’s not varied can you?” remarked Brenda smiling, after rapturous applause. No Brenda. We can’t. It was glorious, and I can’t wait until the next one.