Website used to slate Crawley

A WEBSITE introducing new visitors to Crawley is being used as a forum to slate the town- and even dishes tips on where to buy drugs and guns.

The Knowhere Guide boasts 'local knowledge' on the best places to go out and meet people in Crawley- but many of the user generated posts are hate-filled rants against the town and its residents.

One user writes: "Broadfield is where you can get any thing from a bone of crack to a loaded gun there is a market for everything."

Other posts single out individual establishments in the town where drugs are allegedly available.

But the creators of the site claimed they were just giving ordinary people the chance to 'say it like it really is'.

Many of the posts were too obscene to print but in one typical entry, a user wrote: "I hate this town, full of yobs with attitude, single mums you name it, Crawley attracts it. I've lived here all my life … to sum up the town it's strange, like a town with no soul."

But other writers spring to Crawley's defence and stand up for the youths who get slated on the site.

One wrote: "Crawley maybe poor but its still at least 4,000 times better than Horsham!"

After seeing the site, Crawley's MP Laura Moffatt said: "I don't know who the provider of the site is but we should have the ability to take things down."

She added: "I want to know if the provider is keeping an eye on it."

A spokesman for the Knowhere Guide said: "We set up the site to give ordinary people the chance to tell it like it really is."

The site has a system where users who have a problem with a post can flag it up for the website to review.

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