Your News: Hand cycle star’s new challenge

Handcyclist Rob Groves and his final team at the finish line SUS-170731-171704001
Handcyclist Rob Groves and his final team at the finish line SUS-170731-171704001

Rob Groves: During my Coastline Challenge 2017 (saving our oceans) hand-cycling 2,500 miles of the English coastline in 27 days, in bringing awareness to Climate change and plastic pollution in our oceans, I had no idea that this challenge would be shared worldwide.

The coastline challenge picked up five awards this year. During the challenge 1,000s of people mentioned the word HOPE to me in the hope everyone and governments will make the changes to save our planet. So, in 2018 I set up Quest4hope - a project to encourage everyone to connect with their own passion in saving the planet and its entire species, to bring family and friends all over the world together to tackle their very own quest4Hope.

I have committed my entire life and everything I stand for to this goal. The future of our children and the planet they inherit depends on what we do right now.

I love hand-cycling and the great outdoors and have always wanted to cycle around the world, so my personal Quest4hope is to hand- cycle a minimum of 10,000 miles over the next 3 years around the world and the UK, involving a significant long hand cycle ride on each continent.

I hope to hand-cycle on five continents with family friends; I hope to create something special and unique over the next 3 years and for anyone who wants to join me.

I invite everyone to take on their very own Quest4hope. Invent their own challenge, It doesn’t matter how small or large it may seem, as long as it feels exciting, challenging and something that takes you a little bit out of your comfort zone.

You may need a few drops of courage to face some fear and get started, but I am sure your journey will be special and that seemingly magical things will unfold. It could be any journey that inspires you.

This year I am supporting Paws2rescue to relieve the suffering of animals in need of care and attention and to provide homes or other facilities for the reception, care and treatment of such animals and to educate the public in matters pertaining to animal welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering in particular but not exclusively to dogs in Romania.

Paws2rescue care about children too, our rescuers go to the rural villages, to abused children’s homes and to orphanages.

Hundreds and hundreds of children in South Romania were overjoyed at your kindness and were so excited to receive warm clothing, socks and shoes donated by the UK.

On the 6th June I will be flying out to Romania with Cefn O Ryan to visit and report live from the dog shelters and the children’s orphanage. We will be doing a full Marathon (26.2 miles) in my wheelchair to raise awareness of the many disabled dogs in Romania. I can only imagine the pain and suffering these dogs are in day in day out, being disabled myself I cannot site by any more.

I hope to raise funds for the purchase of 20 dog wheelchairs in aid to make them mobile again, ready to play and get exercise for a more happy and healthy life.

September 2nd to September 16th I will solo hand-cycle 1,000 miles around the UK in an epic 2 week race to fill our truck. with dog, cat food, medical supplies and building materials for the building of huts, shelters, kennels and to help erect fences at some of the animal shelters in Romania.

Plus we will collect warm winter clothing and shoes for a local orphanage in Romania.