LETTER: Ben was a giant of local politics

Your views.
Your views.

I would like to offer my deepest sadness to June and family on the loss of Ben Clay.

I was luckly to serve with Ben as a fellow Ifield councillor over ten years ago along with Mr John Mortimer.

Ben was a great councillor for Ifield and helped many people over the years.

When I first came on the council Ben along with Bert Crane Jim and Brenda Smith Doug Murdoch Brian Quinn and John Mortimer all took me under there wing and helped me out as a new councillor.

I was also very honoured and proud to serve has Ben’s deputy mayor when he was last mayor of our great town

Ben now joins the other giant of local politics Bert Crane in that council chamber in the sky.

RIP Ben my dear friend

John Stanley, Crawley Borough Council (Lab, Ifield)