LETTER: Bus service withdrawal rejection

Your views.
Your views.

I would like to correct an impression created by the article in the Crawley Observer, relating to the withdrawal of the No 2 bus service to The Orchards and Apple Tree Centre .

In the last paragraph the Metrobus spokeperson Nick Hill is quoted as saying they had consulted the councillors whose wards were on Route 2 and most had been in favour of the changes’

I strongly deny that this was so in my case, I spoke with Nick Hill and voiced my objection to the withdrawal of the bus service, I also asked him to consider a slightly reduced service to that part of the route in an effort to maintain a service to the area.

I continue to object to the withdrawal of the service, especially as I am not convinced that other route users are anxious to have a 10 minute service at the expense of other bus passengers. A 12 minute service is perfectly adequate for the most part of the day and evening on this route. It was not so long ago that a 20 minute service was the norm. A more frequent service at peek times is beneficial but this is for a short period of the day. I live at the point of a bus stop on this route, and throughout the day there is not great demand for every bus every 10 minutes, one or two people are all that are collected throughout much of the day.

It is not only The Orchards and Apple Tree Centre that will be disenfranchised by the withdrawal of the No 2 bus. For many years Langley Green residents in Stafford Road, Burlands Langley Walk, and and other closes, have had to walk to the stop just past Warren Drive these residents welcomed the entended route. As residents become older their mobility reduces and also the desire to drive everywhere, parking is at a premuim in the town centre and also very expensive. The withdrawal of public transport is a significant player in our inability to reduce carbon emissions.

However, bus users need to remember that it was the Thatcher government who introduced the Transport Act 1985 following which the deregulation of buses came into force on 26th October 1986, at that time only 56 days notice to the Traffic Commissioners by a company was required to commence, cease or alter a route. Local authorities and elected members do not have any control since this time. It is therefore ingenuous of Metrobus to credit councillors’ views.

Brenda Smith, Crawley Borough Council (Lab, Langley Green), West Sussex

County Council (Langley Green and West Green