Letter: Crawley’s ‘forgotten economy’

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Your views

It appears that Labour in Crawley has, like their leader, forgotten about the economy!

Instead of having the Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development, Cllr Peter Smith, they have chosen Cllr Oxlade the Cabinet Member for Community Engagement, (Labour’s parliamentary Candidate for Crawley) to head up Crawley Borough Council’s Question Time.

Community Engagement is a very important role within the council. It is, however, vital that the future of Crawley’s economy has to come first.

Without a strong economy spending on areas such as community engagement come under threat. Therefore I would have thought it more important to have Cllr Smith on the top table, rather than promoting Labour’s parliamentary ambitions. Unless of course they really did just forget about the economy.

If forgetting the economy wasn’t bad enough, they have also, it seems, forgotten about democracy. Crawley’s elected Member of Parliament Henry Smith has not been invited to this important debate on the future of Crawley. Surely such important debates should be above party politics and about the people of Crawley. It seems to me that the Labour party in Crawley care little for the economy or democracy. Instead care only about cynically promoting their own party. It is cronyism at its worst.

Cllr Liam S Marshall-Ascough, Crawley Borough Council (Southgate Ward)