Letter: damage done over school meals policy

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Your views

Fifteen winters ago, West Sussex County Council’s ‘ruling class’ cold-heartedly axed hot school meals to 64,000 primary-aged children in 242 state primary schools; dismantled almost-all school kitchens, and made 550 dinner ladies redundant - “to save money”.

For the last 15 winters, almost-all state primary schools in this enriched county have been unable to provide their pupils with a hot meal at school - especially a hot Christmas dinner at this special time.

The cost to right this monstrous wrong (and to legally meet Government Nutritional Regulations), runs into countless, undisclosed, millions - paid for by us, the taxpayer.

The damage to countless children, in terms of their health and education, has been immeasurable.

County Hall’s political establishment in Chichester judge themselves to have done nothing wrong, so not even an apology has been forthcoming from those (ir)responsible.

We can judge for ourselves, and we will pass that judgement by casting our vote this coming May.

Richard W. Symonds,

SCRAM Campaign for Hot School Meals & Playing Fields, Ifield