Letter: ‘Desperation from Crawley MP’

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Your views

As Henry Smith is well aware, Labour councillors on Crawley Borough Council proposed a two year council tax freeze at the recent council budget meeting which was voted out by Conservative councillors.

This was reported in the papers at the time and will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting, yet our MP continues to claim that it was the Labour Group which opposed a freeze.

His attempt to claim that Labour voted for an increase has no basis in fact, there is no record of one being proposed anywhere at any point. Where he is right is that Labour members did vote against a county council budget which hacks away at provision for vulnerable elderly residents and a borough council budget which disguises a deficit through clever accountancy with no thought for the future, for that I make no apology.

Repeatedly making untrue claims shows an unfortunate desperation on the part of our MP.

Cllr Peter Lamb, Leader of the Labour Group, Crawley Borough Council