Letter: Disappointed over Crawley Question Time

Your views
Your views

I attended Crawley Question Time at the Hawth on Wednesday and was very disappointed by the facilitator who chaired the meeting.

Crawley Council on their registration form prior to the meeting said residents could pose questions to be brought up for the panel to answer.

On BBC’s Question Time Richard Dimbleby reads out the questions submitted by someone in the audience (Bob Burgess last year’s Mayor did likewise).

The facilitator had a list of the questions before him but did not use it.

He opened the meeting by saying: “Would anyone like to ask a question to the panel ?”

The meeting was scheduled to last two hours, after one hour fifteen minutes only two questions had been discussed with the panel, leaving only forty five minutes for any other questions.

At no time did the facilitator refer to the list and I am sure there were other people in the audience beside myself who did not have the opportunity to have their questions answered.

In my view Peter Lamb, the leader of Crawley Council, should have intervened to move the debate along.

Tony Herbert, Northgate