Letter: ‘Disastrous’ Crawley bandstand move

Your views
Your views

So the bandstand is being moved to the Memorial Gardens. What a disaster.

To the distant cries of, ‘There has been a consultation’ I would like to remind those who insist such consultation is valid and can not now be opposed, that the same argument did not stop the then opposition from throwing their toys out the pram when a consultation on play areas was undertaken by the previous administration.

The consultation was redone and a small percentage relating to two households, meant there was an about turn on the play areas; a sign that the then administration was prepared to listen.

Not the case with this one.

People have contacted me and spoken to me vehemently, giving their views:

* Opposing the removal of the Band stand in Queens Square, preferring it to remain where it is as an iconic feature

* Opposing its re-location to the Memorial Gardens as being an area too wet to encourage/sustain its use - perhaps that is why there is not already a band stand in the memorial Gardens - that and the preference to keep the gardens a place of reflection.

* Opposing the waste of local tax payers money revamping the square preferring instead the grass to remain and the sanded area to return. This prevents unwelcome use of the area

* Preferring the regeneration of the High Street where the band stand could find a home, be used and bring the area back to life. When High Street live takes place, the area is packed, local economy improves and the local drinking establishments are happy.

Come on present administration - think again.

Save the band stand: save the Memorial Gardens: save the High Street.

Cllr Brenda Burgess, Crawley Borough Council

(Con, Three Bridges)