Letter: Gatwick expansion and jobs

Your views
Your views

I have seen debates and letters on Gatwick expansion.

What seems most important is benefit (or otherwise) to Crawley and, much of the argument relates to jobs.

I see little or no jobs benefit locally. Even now, Crawley cannot supply people to support existing jobs, so, airport jobs are filled by commuters from other conurbations in this region with inadequate surface transport. Furthermore, airport jobs are not the highly paid type that the UK needs to yield enough tax revenue to clear the National Deficit. Also, if the airport borrows money for its expansion it may raise landing charges which will drive away the cost-conscious airlines that use Gatwick. Therefore, airport jobs could be lost rather than gained.

Economists and politicians tell us that the country has too many low paid jobs. Governments and would-be governments express hope about pay, but, it is commercial business that would have to find the money, and, in a globalised world that is harder to do while remaining competitive. Better paid jobs and meaningful careers will be served by 21st century jobs such as are provided by businesses in fields such as digital, pharmaceuticals, bio-tech. and green energy. Such businesses are choosy about the environment to which they locate. Gatwick’s proposed expansion amounts to a monster land grab. The size of it will knock your socks off.

The resulting environment will be so polluted, overcrowded and ugly that 21st century industries will be driven away rather than attracted. This will lead to loss of the highly paid attractive jobs that we need.

Where are the benefits to Crawley?

David Ashton, Pound Hill