Letter: How will you fund giveaways?

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Your views

In his column in the Observer leader of Crawley Borough Council Councillor Peter Lamb makes comment on zero hour contracts and that part time work has caused massive levels of under employment and that the governments failure to act on the rising cost of living has meant that there are now 6.7 million working families that live in poverty.

I can’t argue with his figures but I can say to him that he makes no mention of the state his last Labour government left this country in, such debt never known before.

Like them or loath them the Tory led government had a massive job to pull this country out of the gutter and get it back to where it is now in growth. Cuts were going to happen whoever got into power to try and tackle the mess we were in.

Now he goes on to state that the next Labour government would, extend free child care provision, freeze electric and gas bills, enhance the minimum wage, introduce the compulsory jobs guarantee and much more besides. All sound wonderful but I have to wonder just how they are going to finance all their giveaways. Same old Labour.

Peter Clark, Crawley