Letter: Private home rental shock

Your views
Your views

I have had a surprise but has turned into shock.

It is going to be a journey finding a private rented home with a top up of housing benefit which I did not realise until we found ourselves in this situation through no fault of our own.

A guarantor who earns £43,000 I was told I needed by an estate agent which i do not have. Through a discussion with a helpful estate agent I found out the following:

The estate agent works for the landlord. There is a duty of care towards tenants but having housing benefit and no guarantor can actually invalidate an insurance that the landlord has. There are no government legislations on service levels a tenant receives. Yet mortgages are protected by FSA but not for lettings,tenants take Estate Agents in good faith.

On a search through twitter i also found Labour have been looking at a tenant tax and Crawley Conservatives I am pleased to see oppose it, as this charge is most likely be passed on to the tenant to pay when the rents in my view are ridiculously high anyway.

I am sure others are in my situation.

Mrs A Thompson, Southgate