Letter: Ridding industry of cowboys

Your views
Your views

As the representative body committed to setting standards for umbrella employers we, at the Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA), were disappointed to read Cllr Chris Oxlade’s column (New ways to weaken pay and conditions) attacking umbrella companies. Umbrella employment is a positive choice for many contractors.

Many workers choose umbrella employment as this mechanism provides all statutory benefits of permanent employment whilst enabling the worker to fulfil a series of contract positions and have their tax affairs managed centrally.

It is concerning that benefits of umbrella employment seem to be overlooked in some of the lobbying and media reports, and I wish to redress this balance so that the whole sector is not unfairly targeted.

We need to open up the lines of communication so that all those involved give proper consideration about what is right for projects and its workers.

As a trade association for the umbrella sector, we want to work with all political parties and unions to ensure that good practice is the norm and stamp out bad practice where it exists.

FCSA members adhere to a strict code of conduct and we are committed to ridding the industry of its cowboys as well as promoting umbrella employment as a viable and positive choice for the hirer and the worker.

Julia Kermode, CEO, Freelancer and Contractor Services Association