Letter: Sincere beliefs over Gatwick

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Your views

I write in response to the letter ‘Dispel Airport expansion myths‘, Crawley Observer, December 3 by Paul Roe, President, Crawley and Gatwick Chamber of Commerce.

Paul Roe accuses me of using my position asMayor to command column inches to offer my sincerely held beliefs about Gatwick expansion. I totally refute that allegation, and have a clear conscience that when I spoke at the Gatwick Protest meeting,

I clearly spoke as the borough and county councillor whose ward and division Gatwick is in. Mr Roe claims that he knows the facts, he is entitled to his facts as much as I am entitled to my ‘beliefs’, until a second runway is built (and I hope it never is) we cannot know the facts.

I would suggest that Mr Roe did not attend the meeting and is using the reports from the paper as his basis of opinion. I would also suggest that Mr Row has commanded more column inches than I have, even with my report of the meeting and the journalists report of what I said.

The report also quoted me as agreeing with Henry Smith over the need for a second runway, but Mr Roe does not take Henry Smith to task or personally criticise him, because Henry did not ‘come off the fence’ about where he really stands on the second runway issue. Paul Roe mocks my beliefs and becomes personally insulting, this would suggest to me that his argument and ‘facts’ are very weak.

Cllr Brenda Smith, Crawley Borough Council (Lab, Langley Green)