Letter: Smoke and mirrors over Ifield traffic

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Your views

Re: ‘Consultation over plans for 200 homes, Crawley Observer, February 25).

If West Sussex County Council had acted responsibly and used their brains, having built the new Ifield Community College building where it is now thus leaving land available for housing, surely they would have seen the necessity of an access road off the A23?

When the original planning application was being considered, a considerable amount of smoke and mirrors was employed to try and make little of the traffic problem. As it is today, there are times that if there were to be a house fire and a fire engine needed to access Lady Margaret Road, I am sure they would have great difficulty in doing so at times.

Living directly opposite the Ifield Medical Practice is like living in a car park every day Monday to Friday 8-30am to 6pm. Car door slamming all the time. Lady Margaret Road is packed with the medical practice patients, doctors and others, customers cars using Lloyds Pharmacy and school teachers from the Manor Green schools too. Trying to get in out of my garage is quite exciting, that is when there is no one parking across the door.

We were told by the Crawley Borough Council planning officer a few years ago that we were worrying quite unnecessarily. We weren’t and we are not now.

Ron Binmore, Ifield Drive