Letter: Support for second runway

Your views
Your views

We write in support of a second runway for Gatwick.

We have been very fortunate in this area to have such a large employer and generator of wealth on our doorstep.

Would Crawley be the prosperous small town we see today without having Gatwick to underpin it? Is the denial of growth and development at the airport doing Crawley a favour? We believe it will be wrong not to allow the airport to develop. Business needs to be able to expand and generate employment and wealth for the future generations.

The silent majority of people in this area think it is a foregone conclusion so they do not let their opinions be known.

The antis feel passionately about their case and shout the loudest in opposition. This does not mean they are right in their beliefs.

We live 500 metres from the runway and over the last 20 years the aircraft noise has decreased considerably. We can honestly say it is not a disruption in our lives. However the daily increase in fly-by incidents where aircraft cannot land because of the runway not being clear to do so means that we are short of a second runway at Gatwick.

There is no-one living as close as we are now to where the second runway may be in the future. The land around us is low grade farmland that floods and has the river Mole running through it.

If a second runway were to be built the river would be diverted. This would be an ideal opportunity to address the flooding that occurs upstream at Ifield.

The unorthodox landing by a Virgin 747 aircraft resulted in the runway being closed with serious disruption and incoming flights being diverted A second runway would have been very helpful in preventing this closure.

The owners of Gatwick Airport have shown their intent by investing a lot of capital to improve the airport by modernising and improving the infrastructure we see daily.

It will be a shame if Crawley and West Sussex miss out on the wealth and job opportunities a second runway will bring.

Angela and Max Brooks-Usher, Crawley