Letter: Thank you for coverage of Crawley’s Bert Crane

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Your views

I should like to thank you for the coverage you have given to my husband, Bert Crane, on his death and on his funeral.

I shall be sending these cuttings abroad to friends and family so that they may see how much he has done for this town as I know that he would never have told them of his achievements. That wasn’t his style.

I should like, also, to thank the many people who sent condolence cards to the family and to those who have written in the book of condolence at the Town Hall.

I also thank the many people who have written to your letters page, over the past few weeks, it was most heartening to read the sentiments that were contained in them.

So many people have been so kind and thoughtful to me and the family that ‘thank you’ seems so inadequate but those two words are sent to all the above, straight from the heart.

Valerie Crane, West Green