Letter: Why is it always Crawley?

Your views
Your views

I read with interest your front page and report about the building of 500 new homes east of Crawley and Peter Lamb’s comment about other councils dumping their unwanted homes on us.

I have to say I agree with him and question how much help our neighbours in Horsham and Mid Sussex will offer when it comes to our turn to find land for the housing we have to build?

Crawley is crammed full and we don’t have the luxury of mile after mile of countryside to build on.

It really annoys me that other councils solve their housing problems and meet their quota by dumping their homes on our boundary. That way, they tick all the boxes and leave us to provide the infrastructure.

Does Crawley receive any kind of compensation for things like Kilnwood Vale and this latest load of houses? If not, why not?

It makes sense for the town boundary to be moved to take in Kilnwood Vale – if that happens, do those houses then count towards Crawley’s target?

I bet they don’t. So Horsham will get all of the gain but none of the pain.

P Evans