Update on Tilgate Lake

Following recent reports and enquiries around the fish in Tilgate Lake and Silt Lake, I would like to clarify a few points.

Tilgate Lake is now almost completely refilled following the extensive works by the Environment Agency to the dam and surrounding areas. However, the council is seeking expressions of interest from groups and organisations into providing more leisure activities for residents in some areas of the park, including on Tilgate Lake.

Fish, including species like carp, pike, tench, bream, perch, roach and rudd, were removed from Tilgate Lake before it was drained to allow for major Environment Agency works to the dam. Some of these fish (mainly carp) were moved to Silt Lake, while the majority of the remaining fish were stored off site. This was agreed as the best approach by the Environment Agency.

The stored fish are now back in Tilgate Lake, with carp being returned to the smaller Silt Lake. Tilgate Lake will be used for family-friendly fishing, while carp fishing, tending to be a specialist night-time activity, will continue in Silt Lake.

I would also like to remind anglers and other park users fires are not allowed within Tilgate Park. Since the dam has been completed we have had some incidents of people lighting fires or having barbecues on top of the dam and around the lake. Not only is this anti-social but it creates a potential hazard.

Park staff will be monitoring this over the next few weeks and will call the police if any criminal damage occurs as a result of fires.

Councillor Bob Lanzer

Leader of Crawley Borough Council