Crawley Town and Notts County fans react to Harry Kewell's departure - 'Is this called schadenfreude?'

Harry Kewell during his Crawley Town days
Harry Kewell during his Crawley Town days

Crawley Town and Notts County fans have taken to social media to react to the news Harry Kewell has left Notts County.

Kewell left Crawley Town to join Notts County but has left Meadow Lane after just 14 games.

Reacting to the Notts County tweet announcing the news, Saint Raymond (@Callum_SR) tweeted: "Great news. Time to make a good appointment this time. Fair play."

Frankie Lee (@FranklyFraggle) said: "Permission to say you should have stuck with the long term plan and not sacked Nolan? He was punished for exceeding expectations ahead of schedule."

Jordan Simpson (@jordy1892) said: " Not even had a transfer window to be able to bring in his own squad. Absolutely shocking rash decision. Yes poor results and not great performances but with time he would have turned it around. Players have been terrible, start handing out fines for not doing their jobs."

emilio (@Ncfc_emilio) tweeted: "We are a laughing stock, he should never have been appointed in the first place, but jesus christ yeah its been awful but give the man a chance! Quite frankly ive already given up on this season no interest! give it to someone with experience and lets kick on..."

While Crawley Town fans on the CRAWLEY TOWN 4 LIFE Facebook page have shown their delight. It's well known Reds fans were less than happy with the way Kewell left the club.

Philip Lucas commented: "I think Crawley have come out of this fairly well. Clubs will be wary of taking Kewell on."

Crawley Observer columnist Steve Herbert said: "This day just gets better and better!! £5 Cup tickets and now this news! Definitely a Carlsberg Tuesday!" and then added "As funny as this is. The best news is that he won’t be able to come and raid us for our players now come January. I’d be amazed if he’s offered another job this season, or any other season for that matter."

Nick Poole said: "grass just sometimes aint greener on the otherside ay brilliant news ay."

Andrew Hayes said: "Knew he wouldn't be there for Xmas!", while John Skilton commented: "Isn't Karma a wonderful thing!"

Alun Hickmott said: "Didn’t their chairman say he’d put him on a 5 year deal if he could?!? Hilarious" and Andrew Hayes said: "Lasted 75 days! Hahaha."

Edward Stephen Smith simply said: " Is this called schadenfreude?"

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