Crawley Town beat Stoke City: 'We have not done anything special' says Cioffi

Gabriele Cioffi. Picture by PW Sporting Photography
Gabriele Cioffi. Picture by PW Sporting Photography

Crawley Town head coach Gabriele Cioffi has said the win against Stoke City 'means a lot' but his side 'have not done anything special'.

Reds knocked out their second big scalp in this year's Carabao Cup campaign - following Norwich City in the previous round - and now face a potentially huge game in the fourth round.

But although the clubw ill enjoy the night, Cioffi played down the result.

Cioffi said: "I think it means a lot [to a club like Crawley Town]. At the end of the day we have not done anything special because we still have to guarantee the 50 points to be a league club next season but I think it showed a lot to our supporters and myself.

"We will enjoy a lot tonight because first of all it’s a great victory for the player then for the club, then for the staff of the club and then myself."

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