Crawley Town boss Kewell: ‘I love the club and everything about it’

Harry Kewell
Harry Kewell

Crawley Town head coach Harry Kewell says he ‘loves the club and everything about it.’

The boss said this after the Exeter City win last Tuesday – a victory which ended a run of seven games without a win and took some pressure off the Australian.

Just a week earlier Kewell was under pressure from the fans. The 4-0 defeat at Wycombe and a much-publicised ‘incident’ with the travelling supporters did not go down well.

But just a week and four points later, spirits are high at the club and in the stands. Last Tuesday, Kewell’s men put in a scintillating performance to beat Exeter 3-1 before picking up a vital point at Coventry City on Saturday – a game in which the head coach said they dropped two points.

But even after the Wycombe game, Kewell felt no pressure.

Speaking after the Exeter City match, he said: “It’s not pressure for me. I love this, this is what I do. I know things are tough, I know things will take time.

“We didn’t finish in the top half for the last two years so what are you expecting? What are the changes that have happened to the squad? The team is changing, it’s evolving, it’s working.

“It takes time. I don’t understand when people say ‘pressure; results’ there was always going to be pressure but we know that. We are sticking together and we need to build on games like this and we need to keep it at this level.”

And Kewell added that he needs time to get his plans in place.

He said: “I have come in, you have got to give me time to get my ideas across, to bring my own players in. Again I am still here with a team I am trying to change straight away. They are adapting as well. I take my hat off to them. It’s not easy working under me, I push them to the limits all the time and they have accepted the challenge which is excellent.”

And there has been no surprises for Kewell since he has taken over this job.

He said: “Everything has been expected. I love the job, I love the club and everything about it. I even love the pressure. I have signed a three-year contract, I would love to take this club to the very heights. I love this job. It’s a great little stadium, fantastic fans, great people and the team is working hard for me so I can’t complain.”