Crawley Town boss Yems: 'We have all got to pull together'

Crawley Town boss John Yems has said 'we have all got to pull together' following the club's announcement they are giving away 2,000 tickets to key workers.

Wednesday, 15th April 2020, 1:02 pm

Crawley Town announced their gratitude scheme yesterday and NHS and care staff, Royal Mail and supermarket workers will all benefit.

You can read about the scheme hereBut it's not the first time Crawley Town have got involved with the community since the lockdown.

John Yems

Yems said: "It’s not just a one off gesture. We have been involved ever since we have been under lockdown.

"We started the week before we even went under. The players did a lot with the older supporters. We had them phoning around through the community scheme we have got and the community foundation have been fantastic in helping out.

"A club of our size, I just think we have all got to pull together."

And that work is carrying on now. Yems added: "They are still doing their bits and pieces, myself as well. The staff who are not on furlough are doing the same.

"It’s a club where everyone knows someone who has been affected by what’s going and I think as a football club we have got to a do a little bit more to show that if there’s anything we can help with, we will do our best to help.

"You just count your blessings. Obviously everyone is sitting indoors getting frustrated but you look at the bigger picture and see what other people are going through, we are lucky to be able to wake up every morning and get up and do something."