Crawley Town CEO Erdem Konyar says Yems and team should be praised for their efforts in 'fantastic season' for the club

Erdem Konyar says Crawley Town have had a fantastic season on and off the pitch and believes John Yems and everyone involved should be praised for their efforts during this difficult season.

Thursday, 1st April 2021, 5:14 pm

The Reds have lost the last three games and have faced criticism from some fans for their recent performances.

But the club's CEO believes the club has achieved a lot in what has been a very challenging season for everyone.

Crawley Town technical director Erdem Konyar

And he believes the hangover from Covid will not end when lockdown stops - and believes in football that hangover will last a very long time.

Konyar, who is also advisor to Reds chairman Ziya Eren, said: "It’s been a fantastic season, the team has achieved some great milestones that have never been achieved before in our history.

"We smashed a few records, ticked a few boxes and reached new highs for the club and that's important.

"We are not ones for excuses but Covid did not help us in January. The club had to sell in order for the survival of the club, which is paramount at the moment..

"The Covid crisis we are in in football is certainly not over and there will be a hangover in a massive way in the years ahead of us.

"We have to do what we have to do in the safeguarding of this club."

But Konyar admits the sale of Max Watters to Cardiff City, for a reported £1million fee, may have halted the momentum the club had - but he said the future of the club comes first.

He said: "Unfortunately with the sale [of Max Watters] we probably slightly diminished the momentum that we had because you are selling one of the best, if not the best, striker in the league and we can’t go out and replace with that much money because we have to put it into the safety and longevity of the club.

"The club’s in the best position it’s been in in a business sense as a company and as a footballing entity."

Konyar also praised the impact manager John Yems has had on the club as a whole since he joined.

He said: "Together with the gaffer the club has come on leaps and bounds and I think the whole team, the management and the gaffer should be massively praised and rewarded for their efforts during this period.

"Of course the performances are important because it’s a football club is based on results. Unfortunately the football club is not doing well momentarily due to results but there’s a much bigger picture with the environment we find ourselves in."