Crawley Town Supporters' Alliance to have fan representation at board meetings

CTSA chair Carol Bates presents James Collins with an award at the end of last season

The Crawley Town Supporters' Alliance (CTSA) will now have representation at CTFC Board Meetings.

The initial agreement will be in place for the 2017/2018 season and 2018/2019 seasons.

The CTSA will make a financial donation of £8K in total, for the two seasons, which is within the means of the CTSA and fits with the Aims and Objectives of the Alliance.

The Fan Representative will be elected by CTSA members at the AGM on November 22 2017.

Any existing member of the CTSA may put themselves forward for nomination as the Fan Representative, by October 28, 2017.

All nominations will then be voted on by the members of the CTSA at the AGM and the Fan Representative appointed.

The role and appointment will then be reviewed annually at the CTSA AGM.

The Fan Representative will attend all Crawley Town FC Board meetings and will also be a Board position on the CTSA to enable a clear and open transfer of information to the CTSA and its members. In addition, the Fan Representative will be invited to attend the SAG (Safety Authority Group) Meeting held at the beginning of the season and subsequent Club meetings throughout the season.

CTSA chair Caroil Bates said: ""We have been in talks with the Club for over six months on this issue and are extremely pleased that an agreement was made, which will benefit not only the supporters but the Club, too.

"This has always been in the Aims and Objectives of the Supporters' Alliance. Transparency and openness is key between any club and its supporters. The Fan Representative will be attending Club Board Meetings and will also be a CTSA Board Member, to enable the transfer of information to and from supporters.

"Going forward, this is an extremely positive step for both the CTSA and Crawley Town Football Club.

"We look forward to receiving the nominations before October 28."

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