Crawley Town boss Gabriele Cioffi should be given more time says Selim Gaygusuz

Crawley Town director of football Selim Gaygusuz believes that under pressure head coach Gabriele Cioffi should be given more time to build his squad.

Monday, 11th March 2019, 7:27 pm
Updated Monday, 11th March 2019, 7:30 pm
Crawley Town director of football Selim Gaygusuz, head coach Gabriele Cioffi and Jimmy Smith. Picture courtesy of Crawley Town SUS-181021-221611002

Cioffi became the boss at Crawley in September 2018 and although his reign started well, things have recently taken a bad turn.

The Reds have only won six of their last 28 games while Saturday’s 2-0 win against Grimsby ended a goal drought of only scoring three goals in their previous eight games.

Speaking to the Straight Red Podcast, Gaygusuz said: “I believe for this season we will improve for sure, we haven’t got a lot of games to improve on, however new season is where you can judge someone’s ability in recruitment for example.”

He added: “I believe if you give time to a manager to create his own squad, you will actually see what he is about.”

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The Reds chief said: “There’s a lot of gas in football and I’m just going to be honest here, if you offer £10 million to any Football League chairman, they obviously would take it, but there’s no official talk yet, I don’t understand why it’s come up straight away.” He added that the club is not up for sell.

“I don’t know what the chairman would say, like I said you can buy League One clubs for seven million, but geographically Crawley Town is in a very good area and this takeover talk we have had it nearly every year.”

He also admitted he’s not happy with the results on the pitch. “As a fan I’m not the happiest I’ll be honest, but I have to be positive and obviously support” he said.

He added: “We have to be supportive, you know I’ve still got games to go on, so I can’t really criticise anyone at the moment and I wouldn’t want to. End of the season obviously we look and say look these are the things that we can improve on for sure we will improve, we can only get better.”

He finished the interview by talking about his goals for next season. He said: “Top eight, without a doubt, it has to be.”

He said for most of the interview that he always likes teams to have enough wingers and strikers and he recommends that for next season whoever the manager is should have at least three wingers and three strikers.