Crawley Town head coach Harry Kewell still interested in making ‘one or two’ new signings

Harry Kewell
Harry Kewell

Crawley Town are still open to making another new signing on transfer deadline today (Thursday, August 9).

They could also consider borrowing a player on the loan market which remains open until August 31.

Speaking to supporters at the Fans’ Forum on Tuesday night, Kewell admitted he would still like to add a couple more signings.

He said: “We’re always looking for more. We know we’ll get injuries so we need to double up in all areas. There are one or two players I want, and they know who they are. They are quality players and if I can get them it will be fantastic.”

Speaking to the Crawley Observer, Reds’ director of football Selim Gaygusuz said he is delighted with the business completed so far, with ten new players signed.

Gaygusuz said: “I am delighted with the new signings we have made and it is tremendous to see our squad looking so strong.

“We are still open to make another new signing but nothing is promised - only if it is going to be an improvement to our squad.

“I am very careful with the players I put in front of Harry Kewell.