Crawley Town owner Ziya Eren asks fans to get behind team in what could be a ‘special year’

Ziya Eren
Ziya Eren

Crawley Town owner Ziya Eren has appealed to the fans to get behind the team during what he believes could be ‘a special year’ for the club.

He revealed the budget has been increased from last year and is now at its highest level since they were relegated to League 2 in 2015.

Eren said the club’s infrastructure was a work in progress but still needed to be improved.

He praised head coach Harry Kewell for instilling a good work ethic.

The Reds owner also highlighted the club have a group of hard working staff who are committed to the cause.

Eren said in a statement read to fans by his PA Ali Gaygusuz at the club’s Fans’ Forum: “This is the third season since the takeover and we have gradually progressed over the last two years.

“We are positive we have built a strong foundation for this season.

“Funding this season in the players’ budget is the largest since we dropped into League 2.

“It is vital the fans know that the infrastructure needs further development and we are working hard to improve our facilities.

“We are grateful to have Harry Kewell as head coach and believe he is a key element to the success of the team.

“Harry has instilled a great work ethic, passion and belief in his style of play.

“There have been some ups and downs but I believe we must stay united at all times.

“I kindly ask the fans to get behind the team this season.

“We must all believe that this could be a special year for our club.

“We have a special group of people - the directors, management, staff and players are all committed to the cause.

“Our cause is Crawley Town, we love this club and we will do our utmost to deliver. Come on Crawley!”