Dean Saunders insists Crawley Town can beat under-pressure Coventry

Dean Saunders believes Crawley Town have the organisation to beat Coventry.

Friday, 1st May 2015, 7:38 pm
Dean Saunders is speaking at a Sporting Legends dinner in Thame PNL-151202-105137001

Saunders said: “It’s nerve-wracking, exciting and I’m feeling confident.

“In any job in any place of business you’ve got to have a structure in place where everyone walks in in the morning everyone knows what is expected of them.

“You normally find in the teams down the bottom which have really good players but are struggling, the structure’s not right behind the scenes.

“We’ve got a structure where everyone coming in knows what I’ll be doing in training.

“When things go wrong for you people start doing their own thing and all of a sudden the structure goes.

“We go over every goal, every DVD, so every player knows where they have to go with the ball and where they must be when they defend.

“We’ve been over what went wrong last week on Monday. You have to go over it every day in training and you mould the team into a unit.

“I have to make sure everyone knows their individual role in the team.”

Saunders recalled when Coventry were one of the longest serving teams in the Premier League.

He said: “It seems like five minutes a go I was playing for Aston Villa on Boxing Day at Coventry in the Premier League. Micky Quinn got a hat-trick. It was the only time that Paul McGrath had a bad game.

“As a neutral it’s a sad state of affairs when Coventry are having to beat Crawley away from home in the last game to avoid going in League Two.

“It just shows you what happens when get you on a slippery slop because structure’s not right behind the scenes, which has obviously happened there, it’s hard to stop the slide.

“There’s a lot of pressure on them not to drop because if you can just hang in there with a lot of supporters, eventually, you get enough coming through the gate to pay players who can win matches.

“Coventry are coming to us and we’ve won six out of eight home games, are third in the form league and it’s a tough game for them to try here to beat us.”