Former investor offers to put in 'seven figure investment' to Crawley Town

A former Crawley Town investor has offered to put a ‘seven figure investment’ into the club following a poll on twitter.

Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 11:32 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 11:46 pm
Crawley Town

Paul John Hayward, who invested in the club between 2010 and 2016, believes he can bring fresh ideas and help turn the club around like he did before. And tweeted today that he spent an hour on the phone with the club discussing a possible investment.

He has also praised current owner Ziya Eren for the amount of money he has pumped into the club

Hayward told the Crawley Observer: "Crawley has been very lucky to have Ziya Eren put in the millions he has. But sometimes it’s good to get fresh ideas and new energy. I helped turn Crawley around once and I believe I can do it again.

Crawley Town

“When I first got involved in the club in 2010 it was seven days from bankruptcy with 600 fans. There was no beer in the bar and the players car-pooled to games.

“Mickey [Mickey Doherty, associate] and I got them tailored made suits with champions sewn into the inside of the jacket. We put positive thinking messages everywhere.

“That year we won the league and faced Man United in the cup, two years later we are in League One with the Championship in sight.

"Crawley is capable of beating anyone, we have to go back to the mentality of a 'giant killer' and making our home ground a fortress.

"I want to help them achieve that. Not as an owner as a benefactor and supporter. I’m looking forward to seeing the Crawley staff again. Bruce is an old friend and we all know how fantastic and talented Kelly Derham is."

Crawley Town have been on a poor run recently and there has been vocal dissatisfaction from the fans and on Monday Hayward tweeted: “When something doesn’t work you must change it. The whole structure needs to be ripped apart and put back together. A brand new team is needed from top to bottom. Change is not failure. #letmehelpyou #projectpromotion2 #imhereforCTFCalways”

And in response, the Straight Red Podcast asked the question: “In reference to @ctfchongkong recent tweets, should the @crawleytown ownership accept Paul's offer to come back and help turn the club around?”

And 84% of the fans who voted opted in favour and want Hayward to be involved. And in response Hayward tweeted: “Today I spent an hour on the phone to CTFC discussing a 7 Figure investment that would take CTFC to a higher level. I intend to fly to the UK in May to discuss further. Your Poll support fired me up #Fanpower #Benefactor.”

He followed that up with: “yesterday, wow, an eye opener. To all the people who voted “Yes” 100+ and tweeted positive words you made my day. Motivational stuff? Let’s see? Lets all tweet the players telling them they are gonna win Saturday! @StraightRedCTFC.

“For those who voted “No” because you believe the current team can turn it without me. Respect . You could be right. Those that said “No” over some petty dispute years ago #letsputcrawleyfirst”

Fans reacted positively to the news.

@crawleyfan replied: “Paul, you are an absolute star. I speak for many when I say that this is not a happy place at the moment, and having a true fan like you involved will lift us all immensely. COYR.”

Malc Lochead said: “something to smile about!” @CTFC_

Sue said: “Wow, that’s amazing & I really hope they accept your fantastic offer & listen to your advice. Hope I get to say hi & buy you a beer boss xx”