Relegation prediction will galvanise us - Drummy

Jimmy Smith - Crawley Town FC v Wycombe Wanderers FC. Photo by Jack Beard. SUS-160608-204600008
Jimmy Smith - Crawley Town FC v Wycombe Wanderers FC. Photo by Jack Beard. SUS-160608-204600008

Dermot Drummy says he will use the writing off of his Crawley Town side as relegation fodder to galvanise his players and the club.

Plenty of national publications and bookmakers have predicted Reds finishing in the bottom two this season and on their way back to Non-League football.

The Crawley head coach retorted that last week in a stinging tweet which translated to proving those doubters wrong.

And Drummy admits he isn’t offended by such predictions, he is an emotional character that wants to show he is up for the fight.

He said: “I act sometimes really on impulse and I just thought for our fans when I saw that table, I thought, ‘yeah ok’.

“I have to be a bit careful obviously but there were no expletives and it was just an observation to gel us.

“It wasn’t aimed at anyone who set the tables up, it was for our fans. If there is a challenge then we will rise to it.

“I won’t do it every week trust me, but it was just off the cuff and in England that’s a phrase that everyone understands.”

Reds took the first step to proving their critics wrong as they got the campaign off to a perfect start with a 1-0 home win over Wycombe on Saturday.

Captain Jimmy Smith led from the front, netting the only goal of the game in a promising performance.

And on what effect being written off has on him, Drummy said: “It galvanises me, I don’t take any notice of the betting or predictions. When I see it I want to galvanise the fans.

“I think things privately and I have to be careful, but if someone says Crawley is our team then on the line I have to fight.

“They don’t want to see a manager standing there and wondering what is going on in his head - I am emotional and the fans have to feel that emotion as well.

“I’ll prove myself right in life, I don’t care about anyone else, I have to prove myself right on my journey.

“The club needed a win and I think the town needed a win. We are all saying there is a new vibe, there is new management, new staff and a new feel-good factor, but we have to keep demanding ourselves to improve.”