Lancing United set to withdraw from Southern Combination League

Lancing United Football Club look set to fold their first team.

Monday, 5th February 2018, 10:55 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:16 am
Lancing United action from earlier in the season. Picture by Derek Martin

The club have two senior sides but have taken the decision to pull the club's first XI out of the Southern Combination League.

Chairman Ron George resigned from the role after 55 years at Lancing United on Friday and the club do not see it possible to continue both first and reserve sides.

Club director Glenn Souter is to take over as chairman and he explained the reasoning for United's first-team withdrawing from the the SCFL, where they have been for less than two seasons.

He said: "There are a few reasons as to why we've come to this decision as a club. Ron's (George; former chairman) sudden decision to step away from the club means running both the first and reserve team is difficult. Ron dealt with the administration and matchday stuff for the first-team and without any willing volunteers continuing to run both teams would be difficult.

"Another issue we've faced is player commitment this season. Getting a team out has proved tricky at times and we don't want to continue and run the risk of having to forfeit matches.

"The final reason is a lack of discipline this season, which has left us facing a number of fines. Continuing to pay those has been difficult, so as a club we've come to this decision."

Departing chairman George, whose father was a founder member of the club, felt he was left with no other option but to walk away.

He said: "I've been involved with Lancing United for 55 years. My father was a founder and both my sons played for the club.

"I felt unable to continue the way things were going and took the decision to step down. Coming into the SCFL less than two seasons ago was maybe too early. The hope was that when I went someone was able to step up but unfortunately that does not look to be the case."

A monthly SCFL meeting is due to be held this evening and officials are set to discuss the matter further.