'For me he’s the most valuable striker in England' - Crawley Town chief gives transfer update on Max Watters

Crawley Town technical director Erdem Konyar has given an update on reports that Premier League clubs are interested in hotshot Max Watters

Monday, 14th December 2020, 1:29 pm

Konyar has already taken phone calls from clubs - from England, Germany, France and Belgium - asking for the club’s valuation of the in-form striker.

Watters joined the Reds in October and has now scored 15 goals in 15 games, including his first professional hat-trick against Barrow on Saturday.

Max Watters scored his first professional hat-trick against Barrow on Saturday. Picture by Jamie Evans Photography

And last week there were reports in the national media a number of Premier League clubs were interested in the £1 million-rated striker.

But Konyar believes he is worth more than that. He said: “On current form we have an inflating price weekly.

“I got a call from a club from a higher league last week and they asked how much. I said £1mllion. He laughed me off. He’s got a hat-trick since then. If he rings me today I will say £2 million.”

And what price does Konyar believe he is worth? “For me he’s the most valuable striker in England. The fact he is 21 years old and he won’t matter for the squad registration and the salary cap makes him more valuable. But there is strong interest and from abroad as well. He is a fantastic kid and full credit to the gaffer [John Yems] for spotting him.

“To be honest with you I only saw him in the Maidstone game and I was only watching our team. But the gaffer spotted him and wanted him in. My only part is getting the plus one."

But how long can they keep hold of the hot property? Konyar said: “The price has got to be right, the lads got to be happy. He is one of us, everyone likes him, he’s a top boy. It’s got to be right for everyone.

“They are not just commodities or assets, they are people. It’s important, if he is to go, he is happy. But securing him on a longer-term deal is also on the cards. But we have to play it by ear. If a club comes in and wants to pay him £10k a week, I am not going to be able to match that.

“We have to do what’s the club’s best interests, if we get an offer we can’t refuse, then we will have to look at it. We are not desperate to sell and we are not in a desperate situation financially.”

The cup run means our bank balance looks better than before.