Revealed: The six-figure cash boost heading to Crawley Town after stunning FA Cup win against Leeds United

Crawley Town are set to enjoy a financial boost – courtesy of the FA Cup’s prize fund.

Tuesday, 12th January 2021, 12:08 pm
The FA Cup trophy as it sits in the pitch after last year's final won by Arsenal.

Crawley Town created another piece of FA Cup history when the League Two side defeated Premier League Leeds United on Sunday afternoon.

The stunning victory will be rewarded with a healthy financial boost to Crawley Town's coffers - with more money up for grabs if the Reds progress further.

Although the FA confirmed the prize money fund will be reduced this season after the pandemic caused financial havoc, winners in each round are able to benefit from a substantial pot of cash.

The fund sees £61,500 on offer to the winners of third-round ties.

That means Crawley Town have scooped that amount following their 3-0 thrashing of the Whites.

Apart from the normal prize money, clubs also receive a fixed payment every time their match is on TV.

As the clash with Leeds United was shown on the BBC, both sides will net a cool £75,000, which takes Crawley’s total for the third round to £136,500.

John Yems’ side could pocket the club another cash boost if they win again in the fourth round, with even more on offer if the game is selected for television.

Here is the 2020-21 FA Cup prize money list in full following the most recent amendments:

Extra preliminary round – £1,125 Losers receive £375

Preliminary round – £1,444 Losers receive £481

First round qualifying – £2,250 Losers receive £750

Second Round Qualifying – £3,375 Losers receive £1,125

Third Round Qualifying – £5,625 Losers receive £1,875

Fourth Round Qualifying – £9,375 Losers receive £3,125

First Round Proper – £16,972 Losers receive £5,657

Second Round Proper – £25,500 Losers receive £8500

Third Round Proper winners – £61,500 Losers receive £20,500

Fourth Round Proper winners – £90,000

Fifth Round Proper winners – £180,000

Quarter-Final winners – £360,000

Semi-Final winners – £900,000

Semi-Final losers – £450,000

Final runners-up – £900,000

Final winners – £1,800,000

Here is the 2020-21 FA Cup TV money list in full following the most recent amendments:

First Round Proper – each team: £67,500

Second Round – each team: £72,000

Third Round – each team: £75,000

Fourth Round – each team: £144,000

Fifth Round – each team: £247,500

Quarter-Final – each team: £247,500

Semi-Final – each team: £350,000

Final – each team: £600,000