Saunders is keeping Crawley hot seat warm for Gregory

Paul Groves and John Gregory PHOTO: - Mandatory by-line: Harry Trump/Pinnacle
Paul Groves and John Gregory PHOTO: - Mandatory by-line: Harry Trump/Pinnacle

New interim boss Dean Saunders has said he is only keeping the hot seat warm at Crawley Town for John Gregory.

The 50-year-old former Wales striker has said the plan is for Gregory to return as the Reds boss as soon as he is back to full health.

It was announced earlier today that Gregory had resigned at Crawley due to impeding open-heart surgery next month, but new interim boss Saunders has accepted the job on a temporary basis.

The former Brighton & Hove Albion player admitted a call from Gregory had prompted him to take on the job and the board has promised him funds to try and pull Crawley out of the League One relegation places.

Saunders said: “Some people will think, you’re mad, what are you doing? But it is very rarely you walk into a job where everything is going perfect.

“I think the main thing is John’s health and he is in remarkable spirits for the operation he has got to have. He’s a strong man and I am sure he’ll come through it.

“The plan is that he will come back and if I can come in now and just help the club get out of where it is.

“They have got some decent players and as the chairman is really enthusiastic, he has assured me he will give me the tools to get them out of where they are or improve things.

“I had three years at Wrexham and I got them where I wanted them and I got Doncaster where I wanted them. I went onto Wolves and had three and a half months at Wolves or around about that and I either sit back and let it effect me or I come back and have to take a job like this and prove to everybody that I can do the job.

“You have got to take challenges on or sit in the house and play golf.”