Steve Herbert: It's Drexit! Showing no emotion has not helped Dermot's plight

Dermot Drummy
Dermot Drummy

Drexit has occurred. Dermot Drummy has left the building.

After weeks of speculation, the mounting pressure on Dermot Drummy finally took its toll today when Crawley Town manager Dermot Drummy and his assistant Matt Gray left the club by mutual consent.

Dermott Drummy with Matt Gray

Dermott Drummy with Matt Gray

To be fair the writing had been on the wall for a while. But these past few weeks the unrest and resentment towards Dermot from the supporters had been getting louder and louder. Even before last night's atrocious result at The Amex where Crawley Town lost 3-0 in extra time to a Brighton & Hove Albion under 23 side. The calls for Dermot to go on social media had been loud and clear.

Now readers of my weekly Crawley Observer column will know that I have been backing Dermot all season. But even I had come to the end of my tether by the end of yesterday's Sussex Cup final defeat. It wasn't so much the defeat that had got my goat. But the manner of the defeat and more so the terrible team selection that caused such an embarrassing loss. I think it's fair to say that Dermot isn't the most animated of managers on the touch line and that's just his style. We would all love an Antonio Conte or Slaven Bilic type of manager waving his arms and getting worked up on the touch line.

I suppose we became accustomed to Steve Evans animated rants during the glory years.

I don't buy into the fact that to be a good manager you need to throw your arms about. But to show no emotion at all on the side line has certainly not helped Dermot's plight.

Especially when his team have been struggling so badly during the second half of this season. So where did it all go wrong? Some will argue that we should never of appointed a youth manager with no football league experience in the first place and where I can see their point, I also think it wasn't quite the lack of League experience that has caused Dermot's time as Reds manager to come to an end, but more his inability to spot his teams short comings.

In my eyes he has signed some quality players, but starting the season with no recognised full backs has ended up being Drummy's downfall. The full backs that have been used during the season have just not been good enough.

Also to end up playing your original third choice goalkeeper who was initially sign as the goalkeeping coach as your number one shows how spectacularly wrong he was to play Mitch Beeney and Yusuf Mersin at the beginning of the season. Glenn Morris should of been the number one right from the start.

We would certainly be in the Conference by now if it wasn't for Glenn Morris becoming number one and certainly without James Collins goals.

So Dermot gets credit for bringing those guys to the club. But as a motivator and tactically at times he appeared to come up short. Three wins out of nineteen league games since the end of January would see most managers bite the bullet. Dermot and Matt can have no complaints. I appreciate the fact they have kept us up, just. But this season should have produced so much more and I think the owner Ziya Eren and his board have finally come to their senses and made the correct decision.