‘That’s me done!’ - Three Bridges’ boss Paul Faili hints at stepping down as manager next year

Eastbourne Town FC V Three Bridges FC - Three Bridges manager Paul Faili (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-180219-114703008
Eastbourne Town FC V Three Bridges FC - Three Bridges manager Paul Faili (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-180219-114703008

Three Bridges boss Paul Faili has hinted he may step down from the hotseat next year.

He was speaking in a video interview after Tuesday night’s 2-2 draw at home to Pagham, during which four players were sent-off, three of whom were from his team and he was also sent to the stand.

Faili, who is manager and chairman of the club said: “We didn’t get out of the traps, they (Pagham) had the better of us from a football perspective. They were a well-drilled County level side and it wasn’t a hair-dryer job at half-time.

“In the second half we had a bit of a change up and within a few minutes we were 2-2 and on our way to a quality victory.

“Then for no real reason one of their players decided to stamp on one of my player’s ankles


“Teams do come to Bridges wanting to rattle us and it was a bad ending as the referee decided to send-off three of our players.

“We had to defend for 28 minutes with only eight people on the pitch.

“Pagham played well and their tactics worked against us.

“Both teams were strong, I didn’t like their stamp on us and I would never say we should blame the officials or criticise that referees and linesmen struggle to keep up with the game. They should take a fitness test!

“I’m enjoying this - last season was an absolutely terror. We are having a go at it this year - getting back to the Bostik League.

“When you are going up, there’s no pressure. The only pressure when you are going down.

“The Southern Combination Football League has some great teams in it and we are loving every second of it.

“We are the big scalp, we have the big-name players. We have only lost three players and drawn nine, which is a lot of points to drop.

“County is about grit, about determination.”

Faili explained: “We started to turn the draws into wins. I don’t think we do dominate - that would be detrimental to other teams.

“You can only play what’s in front of you and teams like Eastbourne Town, Chichester and Horsham YMCA are on our doorstep, they are never going to roll over. It’s a good league and no-one should dominate; it makes it boring.

“It is time I stopped managing - I’ve got a great team around me at board level - I am chairman of the club as well and it is only fair I let the younger fellows run the team.

“(Assistant manager) Martin Dynan has come in and why not let him and the others such as Keith George crack on. I have been here 25 years.

“You have to look at it from a business perspective, we weren’t in the best place from a business point of view when I took over: we needed sponsorship and thank God I am quite good at running businesses.

“When you talk about being chairman you have to look at a team of people who are all brilliant.

“I wouldn’t recommend it (being both first team manager and club chairman) - I’m going to stay on as chairman for a few years but first team manager, that’s me done!

“I wouldn’t have chosen to be chairman as well as manager, but things happen.

“There are other teams in form as well but I believe we are a team who are going to go on and win it.”

Faili revealed Bridges, which are based in Jubilee Walk off Three Bridges Road, has made its name by being a friendly, family club where even ex-players have formed a WhatsApp group to keep in touch.

He said: “We have a reputation here of being family, we are a very tight-knit team have the family on the pitch and those off it. We have people here who have been here 20 years, 30 years, 50 years. That says so much about the club.

“We have 14 youth teams as well and have been here for 100-plus years. It’s a fantastic club which looks out for its people.

“So come down here and take part - the beer is cheap so that’s a start!”