Crawley Pool League round-up

Mark Hewitt & Colin Finlay Doubles semi finalists SUS-151002-161616002
Mark Hewitt & Colin Finlay Doubles semi finalists SUS-151002-161616002

This week we saw the Rugby Club sponsored League Doubles get down to the final four pairings with some unexpected results.

The first surprise of the night happened in the Rugby Club group when Division 2’s Mark Hewitt & Colin Finlay (pictured) won this group.

As the underdogs they triumphed over favourites Allan Morton & Chris Pidgeon of the Fairways but also Kev Keegan & Dav Nothay (Downsman), Michael Milham & Martyn Lynch (JCB).

The second surprise result was in the grouping at the Downsman where Chris Mordaunt and Amit Amin won this group against some mighty competition including Darren Cooper & Peter Rowe (Raiders), Lee Besbeech & Pete Spence (Happy Slappers) and Adam McSharry and Glen Jackson (Special K).

The other semi-finalists are Cliff Berry and Roy Leagas (Mavericks) and Jim Spears & John Peacock (The Inn-Crowd).

In the league this week the Premier division games produce mediocre results across the board and nothing changes in the top-three placing.

Special K extended their lead to 20 points and hold first, with Fairways in second but after losing 7-6 to third placed Raiders. There is now just three points between these teams.

Relegation zone holds the same three teams, Happy Slappers, Pocket Knockers & and Copthorne Beachbums.

Division 1 has new leaders this week as New Moon Rejects go just 1 point clear of second slot JCB who lost 8-5 at the hands of The Grasshopper.

Third place remains firm for OOOooouusshh who are three points off second position. We feel this division has a lot of surprises yet to come.

Furburgers & Windmill A remain in the relegation area but Steamy Llama are just two points off and this could still change.

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