Record medals for Kin Ryu Fighters

Kin Ryu Medallists
Kin Ryu Medallists

Kin Ryu Judo club are celebrating a fantastic finish to 2014 following a great medal haul at the Class Master Christmas invitation held in Tunbridge Wells.

35 young Kin Ryu fighters competed in what was to be a tough event even for some of the clubs more seasoned players and although they were nervous they were determined to do their best.

The youngest players, who were all under 8 yrs old, took to the mats first and Kin Ryu was represented by 12 players Alex Walker, Ben Walker, Ami Knibbs, Lucy Robinson, Rebecca Worrall, Max Howells, Niamh Sharp, Isabella Davies, Zara Bishop, Callum Burke, James Hood and Mikey Porter.. All fought well and showed some great skill especially for their age and experience, as for most it their first competition. The final results were bronze medals for Alex, Max, Ami, Niamh, Isi and Zara, Silver medals for Mikey and Rebecca and the first Gold medals of the day went to Ben, Lucy, Callum and James.

Following these were the fighters in the 8-10yr old group. The club was represented by 15 fighters, Vinnie Brown, Aimee Brownings Luther Knibbs, Ollie Gordon, Josh Brownings, Grace Beckett, Fallon Tibbs, Thomas Moore, Tom Bishop, Louis Rothwell, Louis Kirkham, Enrique Howells, Ella Stone, Rachel Hardstaff, and Deni Sheridan

All fought hard resulting in Luther, Aimee, Fallon, Louis Kirkham, Ella, Rachel and Deni winning a bronze medal, Ollie, Josh, Grace and Enrique winning Silver and Vinnie, Tom, Thomas and Louis taking gold a great achievement for this group of youngsters.

The final group to compete were the fighters in the over 10yr old group. Kin Ryu had 8 fighters in this group. Thea Griffey, Joe Beckett, Josh Fowler, Ollie Fowler, Aaron Stone, Josh Betch, Izzy Minall, and Ellie Worrall. After some tough contests the final results were bronze medals for Josh, and Ellie, Silver medals for Josh, and Ollie and the final golds of the day went to Thea, Joe, Aaron and Izzy.

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