Special K in lead after Fairways falter

Pink Flamingo's SUS-160103-154754002
Pink Flamingo's SUS-160103-154754002

Pool by Sean Trivass

Does anybody want to win the Crawley Premier Pool League we wonder?

After Fairways looked to have taken the lead inside the final couple of furlongs with just the six weeks to go and with it the chance to draw away, than they imploded away to Raiders for a shock 11-2 loss that saw them drop back to third place, leaving Special K (who won 8-5 at The White Knight) two points in front of Raiders with three more to third – and a gulf of 27 points to the Rugby Club.

Even I can work out that the Fairways v Special K clash this Wednesday now holds even more significance, with a big result to either team of massive benefit.

In Division One, there no shocks of that proportion but a few of the top teams did little more than scrape wins, allowing others to close the gap, all be it not significantly. Happy Slappers are a comfortable six points clear at the top and odds on for the title while second-placed The Inn Crowd are seven points ahead of the third, yet the final promotion place seems very much up for grabs.

New Moon and Scrum Pjack are both on 112 points, a single frame ahead of OOOoosh on 111 with just three more back to Labour Club.

We wouldn’t like to guess who ends up in the Premier League next season, but it should be cut and thrust between now and then.

In Division Two, all eyes are on The Pink Flamingo’s (no, I don’t know why it has an apostrophe), who are now four points ahead of Windmill Players.

However third-placed The Raker, four more back, do have a game in hand – so it isn’t all over just yet.

Those three do look the ones for promotion, but with single frame pool all things are still possible – just ask Fairways!

Finally, as we start to complete the 2015-16 Winter league, registration forms are now out for the Summer League, which is a change of format to five-person teams each playing best of three.

The closing date for entries is March 13, and the entry form is available via the website www.crawleypoolleague.co.uk, so why not have a go?